Clinical Trials

Pain and Inflammation

The use of high potency, all natural omega-3 oil as an adjunct to standard products to treat pain and inflammation (OTC products such as aspirin and ibuprofen; prescribed products such as diclofenac, methotrexate and TNF antagonists such as Enbrel) (See Pain and Inflammation)

Cold Sore

The role of an all natural combination of natural products formulated in a lip balm to prevent and treat cold sores. (See Cold Sore)

Hunger and Weight

The role of a specially constituted protein powder in combination with other natural products to treat hunger and weight management. Future studies will address specifically muscle maintenance, boomer health issues and adjuncts for physical therapy. (See Weight Management)

Future Clinical Trials

  • Additionally, we are developing all natural products for the treatment of migraines, sleep disorders and for the treatment and prevention of gastric irritation induced by anti-inflammatory drug therapy.
  • As the year progresses, we expect to evaluate the role of omega-3 oils for depression, and other CNS diseases, atrial fibrillation, gum inflammation(gingivitis), and special health issues related to women.
  • We will also study the use of high potency omega-3 oils in the treatment of pulmonary diseases such as asthma and COPD
  • All of our study designs are “non-invasive”. This means we just need for you to answer questions about how you feel throughout the study. No blood draws are required and all information will be kept in strict confidence.
  • For your participation in a study we will offer you a $100 voucher to buy any products that are currently sold through Maine Natural Health (
  • Feel free to inquire about these studies by contacting our Study Director, Dr. Jeff Leighton at