“To evaluate the safety and efficacy of natural products and understand how best to use these products for health, wellness, and fitness”

Our Goal

To transform health care into well care: “Take charge of your health care, you cannot afford to be sick”

Who We Are

We are clinical scientists with a passion to apply our skills to develop natural products that have therapeutic value.

Our Beliefs

We believe that our diets are the root cause of most chronic diseases, in particular: diabetes, obesity and inflammation. Good health begins with good nutrition. We are in the process of defining on the basis of scientific principles what constitutes good nutrition and how the addition of safe and effective natural products improves our health. We believe that good health cannot be achieved with diet alone or in combination with quality natural products in the absence of exercise. Further, exercise must have an intensity appropriate component. We believe that the combination of good nutrition, science-derived and clinically tested supplements and appropriate exercise will decrease disease conditions, improve lifestyle and decrease our reliance on ethical pharmaceutical drug products.

Our Process

The first step is to rationalize the biochemistry and pharmacology of the product. This is based on a thorough understanding of the mechanism needed to treat a human condition and the potency (strength of the product necessary) to have a benefit. Thus, by applying science and medicine to the design and formulation of products, we are able to provide the public with high quality products that are based on data and not just unsubstantiated marketing claims (the usual case).

What we Do

Design and implement Open Label Clinical Trials using the high standards that are necessary to know if a study is meaningful. These professional standards include:

  • Use of Study Protocols (available on this site and throughout the US at selected independent pharmacies, fitness and physical therapy groups).
  • Independent Statistical Review of all data from these studies. It is important in science to have independent evaluation of all results. This prevents internal bias and authenticates the study.
  • Independent Third Party testing of all products. This means that all test products that are used in a clinical study are exactly what our label says and they are free of all known environmental toxins and heavy metals.
  • Over the course 2009-10 we have been conducting several clinical studies including:
    • The role of high-potency omega-3 oil alone or in combination with OTC or prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Completed.
    • The role of high-potency omega-3 oil for the treatment of inflammatory gum disease (gingivitis)
    • Design and testing of an all-natural product that decreases of the symptoms of cold sores and accelerates healing. Preliminary data already complete.
    • The role of whey protein-based supplement containing low glycemic load carbohydrates, mitochondrial stimulants and agents that decrease insulin release (for hunger and weight management). In progress.
    • The role of whey protein-based supplement containing natural products that affect muscle acidification, regional blood flow, and cellular energy for endurance athletes. In progress.

Future Studies

  • Development of an effective “runner’s hydration solution” containing no sugar or cardiac stimulants.
  • Development of a product to treat mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
  • Development of an all natural and safe sleep product.
  • Comparison of the nutritional requirements of normal healthy subjects and athletes.
  • Understanding safe methods to optimally reload glycogen.
  • Development of simple to use finger prick blood assays to measure inflammation, reactive oxygen species and redox potential.